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Yevul Info

Yevul Info has developed LEAFGUARDIAN, which is proven and patented system that detects micro-changes in the healthy-looking ‘green’ of plant leaves DAYS before any deterioration becomes visible to the naked eye.

The Need

Global Challenge:
While global population is growing and expected to reach 9.7B by 2050, the arable lands per capita
are decreasing, and farmers should produce much more food per hectare.
Standard protocols use more fertilizer than needed, both to ensure higher yields, and to boost
immunity to unexpected hazards like disease, cold or heat stress.
In the best case, however, this excess leads to costly waste of farmer’s financial resources, with
surplus leaching into the ground and pollutes precious soil and water. In the worst case, excess
fertilizing causes salinization, actively poisoning crops resulting in lost yield.

The hidden Problem:
Farmers see green leaves and think their crops are growing fine, while actually a health decline may
be starting but cannot be seen yet by a naked eye.
Facing these challenges head-on, a critical need arises for solutions that provide simplicity,
automation, and above all, peace of mind in ensuring secure yields.


Development Stage
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Yevul Info’s Solution

Our breakthrough system ensures crops always get EXACTLY what they need: Never Less – Never
More. Never missing nutrition, but also not over-fertilizing crops.
Our unique, continuous dynamic analysis of RGB reflections employs an AI-enhanced & Machine
Learning algorithm detects minor-changes in plant-health, and automates nutrient management,
ensuring optimal crop growth.
Providing 24/7 plant health monitoring via standard video camera images, a WIFI connection
uploads real-time data to the cloud. As soon as crop health begins to fail, Leaf Guardian immediately
alerts the farmer and automatically adjusts the fertigation system. Then, just days later, Leaf
Guardian issues a second alert, either telling farmers that all is well, or directing them to investigate
other factors – still days before irreversible damage to their crops occurs.

Keren Avriel-Sadan, CPA, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder

Keren is expert in finance, business& Innovation.

Served as CFO of public traded companies and in the last decade served as ICL global CTO unit Chief economist.

Ezer Miller, Ph.D
CTO Algorithm & Co-Founder

Ezer is seasoned mathematician and data scientist, with focus on biomathematics and machine learning

Experienced in research and development of models of non-linear dynamics, statistics, and data analysis

Yochai Isack, Ph.D
CTO Agronomy & Co-Founder

Yochai is an expert in agroecology and plant pathology.

Experienced in management of leading Agtech companies, passionate about farming and sustainability

The Market Opportunity

“Protected Agriculture” is defined as any crop “under cover”. The estimated global protected
agriculture area is 5,630,000 ha. (13,912,000 ac.).
Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the growth of crops by controlling some of the aspects
of the environment to decrease pests or diseases, surge efficiencies, make more sustainable, and
increase the yield or saving cost. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) consists of high tunnels,
greenhouses, vertical farms and plant factories. It is considered a crucial strategy for addressing
global food challenges. CEA has the capability to produce high-quality food using less water and
other inputs. The global controlled environment agriculture market is valued at USD 97 billion in
2022 to USD 340 billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 14.5% from 2022 to 2030.

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