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TengAble vision is to restore tactile sensation to those who have lost it as a result of injury or illness by developing a medical device that is simple, safe and maintenance-free.


Development Stage
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The Need

Loss of tactile sensation is a common phenomenon in patients with traumatic peripheral nerve injury (PNI) or a chronic disease such as diabetes.
The loss of sensation involves a significant functional limitation and the risk of injuries.
The conventional surgical procedures are time restricted and success rates are limited.

Tengable’s Solution

TENGABLE develops a man-machine-interface based solution; a self-powered triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) that is implanted under the skin and transforms the mechanical load into electricity. The nanogenerator is connected to the nearest healthy sensory nerve and stimulates it to restore touch sensation in the patient
Shai Feinsod, CEO

Shai Feinsod, CEO, Veteran healthcare executive with over 25 years of experience in startups in the US and Israeli market


Ben M. Maoz, PhD - Founder & CTO

Ben M. Maoz, PhD , CTO and Co Founder Department of Biomedical Engineering,  Tel Aviv University.

Amir Arami, MD - Founder & CMO

Amir Arami, MD, CMO and Co Founder Head of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery Department, Sheba – Tel Hashomer

The Market Opportunity

No time frame limitation, or nerve gap distance limitation, for TENGable implementation as in current nerve repair surgical procedures.
Other solutions, such as electronic skin or smart prosthesis, are still in the research phase and are not self-powered as TENGable.
The market size of PNI alone is estimated as 1.3B, based on 250k patients annually, with the potential of 4M more patients currently existing.

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