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Sonosphere Medical

Sonosphere Medical, an Israeli startup, is developing a novel tool for peripheral artery diagnosis (PAD) and 3D organ reconstruction. Targeting millions of at-risk patients, Sonosphere’s patent pending technology incorporates an advanced algorithm, proprietary ultrasound gel and a simple add-on to standard US transducers, to create 3D visualization of the subject’s artery and the organ’s surface area, and to present accurate blood flow data, in real-time. Sonosphere is part of the ARC innovation center at Sheba Medical Center and of the GO (Ofek Galil) Innovation incubator.


Development Stage
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The Need

Peripheral artery disease can have disastrous consequences if not diagnosed on time.

PAD is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke, as well as with amputation. Chronic Threatening Limb Ischemia (CTLI) is a severe form of PAD, with a mortality and amputation incidence of ≈20% in patients. As such, early diagnosis is crucial.

Sonosphere’s Solution

Sonosphere’s novel technology for improved visualization.

Combining an advanced, proprietary algorithm with proprietary ultrasound gel and an add-on to existing US transducers. Sonosphere will revolutionize the Duplex market, and eventually replace current existing solutions completely. Sonosphere’s 2-in-1 approach tracks and reconstructs the exact anatomy of the artery by registering each US image with its specific spatial coordinates, to produce a 3D image, while the advanced algorithm calculates the associated flow rate, generating highly accurate blood flow data. Taken together, the result is a next generation, 3D, user-agnostic, platform which provide CT level anatomical visualization and accurate physiological data, over a no-risk US device, that can be use both for diagnosis and surgical procedure support.


Ilan Andesman, CEO

Holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering and an MSc. in electro-physics engineering majoring in nonlinear optical phenomena from Tel-Aviv University.CEO of Biop-Medical for over seven years.VP R&D of Outsense Diagnostic, leading the company to success.Extensive experience in the development of laser-based optical products and medical devices.

DR. Chen Giladi, PhD, CTO

PI at SCE Academic College at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Physicist with expertise in image processing, control systems, machine learning and medical robotics.

DR. Chen Speter (MD), Medical Director

MD from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), specialist in general and vascular surgery. Senior specialist at the vascular surgery department at Sheba Medical Center.

DR. Doron Mansour (MD), Consultant

MD from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).  Brings a background in SW, medical development and leading clinical studies.

The Market Opportunity

Huge market opportunity with the potential for millions of annual tests.

  • The vascular imaging market is poised to reach $11.2B in 2032, up from $5.95B in 2023, growing at a 5% CAGR
  • 238 million PAD patients globally, 64 million in high income countries
  • 5 million PAD patients in the US over the age of 40
  • The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association recommend screening for PAD to anyone over the age of 65, anyone over 50 with risk factors, and adults under 50 with diabetes and 1 risk factor.
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