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OphtiMedRx LTD is an ophthalmic drug development company supported by Galil Ofek Ventures and RunYoung organization. The company is developing a novel innovative molecular pharmacotherapy for dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a common eye disease leading to blindness.

The Need

AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the industrial world, affecting over 175 million people worldwide, with increasing prevalence due to increased life expectancy. It is a chronic, progressive, and multifactorial neuro-degenerative disease of the retina that can lead to central vision loss.

AMD is commonly classified into two main subtypes, the dry and wet form. Wet AMD, that affects only 10% of the patients, can be treated and fairly controlled using anti-angiogenic drugs. However, for the dry form of AMD, that affects approximately 90% of the AMD patients, no effective treatment is currently available. Thus, there is a huge unmet clinical need for dry AMD treatment to prevent blindness.


Development Stage
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OphtiMedRx Solution

To address the unmet clinical need, we are developing anti-senescence (cellular aging) agent for the treatment of dry AMD, based on recent approach of facing senescent cells as a target for age related diseases. We demonstrated that pharmacological manipulation of the senescence pathway might halt senescence and inhibit retinal cell degeneration, halting the progression of dry AMD. This novel senotherapy strategy should play a prominent role in the treatment and prevention of this incurable, blinding disease.

This innovative therapy would prevent gradual loss of vision, loss of independence, save the ability to perform everyday tasks, and bring enormous benefit to patients.

Prof. Ayala Pollack, MD, Founder, Chief Medical Advisor & Board Member

Professor Pollack is a well-known worldwide retina specialist, researcher, and entrepreneur.

Retina Consultant, Tel Aviv Medical Center, and former Chairperson of the Eye Department, Kaplan Medical Center, the Director of the Ophthalmology Eye Research Laboratory, and the Head of Clinical Trials Ophthalmology Unit Kaplan Medical Center

Dr. Dana Rabinovich, PhD, CEO

Dr. Rabinovich brings with her 10 years of scientific and management experience in biotechnology, medical R&D, and business development.

Prior to her position at OphtiMedRx she served in several management positions at pharma and diagnostics companies.

Eyal Aviram

Chairman and CEO of the incubator ‘Galil Ofek Innovations’.

Vast executive experience in medical devices. A former executive at Mor Research, Pfizer,  ZTC VC and other ventures.

The Market Opportunity

AMD is a fast-growing market, 8.7% of the population have AMD, and every year more than 2 million patients are diagnosed. The total global prevalence of AMD in 2020 is estimated as 196 million cases (out of which 176.4 million are dry AMD cases) and it is expected to increase to 288 million cases in 2040 (259.2 million dry AMD).

The treatment market for wet AMD, is already valued at more than USD 5.7B across the USA and Europe in 2020 and is still expanding. Effective dry AMD treatments could be ‘blockbusters’, adding billions of dollars to the market.  Thus, an effective breakthrough therapy for dry AMD addresses a large and expanding pharmaceutical market, particularly in the aging industrialized countries.