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OnePass    Medical

Delivering Biopsy Treatment

OnePass Medical Ltd is a development stage company based in Israel that has developed a disposable multi-needle device, the first and only solution that enables taking biopsies simultaneously from 5 different locations in a tumor. In addition, with a slight modification, it can be used as a therapeutic delivery system such as RF ablation, Chemotherapy, biological drugs, and marking.


Development Stage
Early sales
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The Need

Pancreatic tumor is currently the 3rd most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the US and is expected to be the 2nd most common cause by 2030.
EUS-guided FNA (EUS-FNA) is an established technique for tissue acquisition and is considered the most sensitive and accurate diagnostic procedure for the evaluation of malignant and benign pancreatic lesions. However, Pancreatic EUS-FNA diagnosis has a false negative rate ranging up to 20-40% of cases due to sampling error, in the case of pancreatic cancer this translates to patient death in 95% of the cases.

In most cases the tumor is benign and the patient is being invited routinely for monitoring because those tumors tend to turn malignant and when that is happening the patient is being invited to surgery – those surgeries are considered high risk and the physicians tends to avoid it as much as possible.


OnePass Product and Market

1st product is EUS-FNA/B a disposable multi needles biopsy device, the InstaFan™, with an estimated time to the USA market of 6 months and with global market size of 400M USD and 5% CAGR. 1st sales agreement already in place, 1st patent was accepted by the USPTO

2nd product is a prostate needle biopsy device with an estimated time to the USA market of 18 months and with a market size of 600M USD.

3rd product is a  needle biopsy device with build-in unique and high effective RF ablation catheter to treat local tumors during the biopsy procedure. The estimated time to the USA market of 24 months and with a market size of 2.5B USD


Jacob BenArie, co founder and CEO, MBA, BSc

15 years of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur in life science start–up companies, prior to establishing OnePass Medical, Jacob served as the CEO of Orgenesis (OTCBB:ORGS) establishing Orgenesis activities in Israel, USA and Belgium.  Previously served as a co-founder and CEO of Beta-Stim Ltd. a privately held Israeli company backed up by Boston Scientific,  Jacob also co-founded Slender Medical Ltd, Jaz Medical Ltd, a private held boutique and the MDDMI conference in Israel. Jacob also established a medical technologies entrepreneurship program for Afeka college in collaboration with Bellinson medical center.

Prof. Jesse Lachter MD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Head of the Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) Service, Department of Gastroenterology, Rambam Health Care Campus

Eli Ben Porat, Head of business development, MBA

VP Biz Dev & sales, Nrgene
Director for Biz Dev, Zeraim Gedera

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