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Marpé Technologies

Computer Assisted Full-Body Skin Cancer Screening.

The Need

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and Melanoma the most malignant form of skin cancer. Early detection reduces mortality by 50%.


Development Stage
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Marpé Technologies’s Solution

Computer Assisted Full-Body Skin Cancer Screening.
MarpéMarpe technology enables systematic and continued monitoring of moles, saving time for dermatologists, and increase survival rates.

Yaakov Navon, PhD

Image processing and computer vision expert. Over 25 years of experience including 17 years at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.)

Tovi Bachar

Former Chief Executive Officer of Dor Chemicals.Former Managing Director of GE Healthcare Israel. In 2008, Tovi was awarded the prestigious Manager of the Year Award in the category of Manager of multi-national high-tech companies in Israel.

The Market Opportunity

During the last twenty years biological drugs have become a major sector of the pharmaceutical market effectively addressing unmet clinical needs. Today, seven out of the ten best selling drugs (blockbusters) are biologics, and 5 of them are antibodies or antibody-like. Several of the leading block-buster antibody drugs are reaching the end of their patent period between 2015 and 2020, and by 2024, patented antibody drugs selling today at over 68 billion $ will be in the public domain.

BioBetter’s production platform is suitable for production of a variety of antibodies, and the company is preparing itself for taking a major role in the developing biosimilar market.