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Epic MD

EpicMD develops a new Fascia Closure Device

The Need

Out of 400,000 hospital needle stick injuries /year in US (CDC) 59% (230K) of needle injuries occur during fascia closure (CDC). Surgeons who cause a needle-stick injury, are suspended from the operation room for up to 6 months!

Development of incisional hernia after open abdominal surgery is a major cause of post-operative morbidity.


Development Stage

Epic MD’s Solution

Dispensable low cost device with a patented anchor system. Ratchet mechanism for lock up and closure of sutures with electrical driven power for easy use.

Eviatar Nesher, MD

Co-Founder, Deputy Director of Transplantation Department, Rabin Campus.

Mooly Segal, DDS, MPA

Co-Founder, Dental Surgeon, NYU Graduate, Master Public Administration Clark University, USA.

The Market Opportunity

Approximately 5 million fascia closure procedures are performed annually in the US (Source: Medtech Insight).

  • Digestive system (80%), C-section, hysterectomy
  • Operating room costs estimated $1500 per hour

Fascial closure remains one of the few Operating Room (OR) procedures still performed via the traditional, time-consuming needle and suture technique.

Estimated market size $1B, USA market alone!