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Droxi is leading the digital health revolution with its ground-breaking software. With click-of-a-button ease, it hands the whole patient picture to clinicians when working inside EHRs. The advanced AI technology dramatically reduces workload by eliminating manual searches, automating the prescription process, and streamlining patient responses. Droxi integrates seamlessly with EHR and enables clinicians to see up to 6 times more patients daily.

The Need

Currently, health systems are losing $127 billion in revenue due to the diminished volume of medical visits. What’s more, across the board, doctors are simply burned out. Nearly 75% of physicians with burnout symptoms identify the ever-rising load of administrative tasks from their EHRs as a major source of their exhaustion. The endless patient requests, prior authorizations, lab results reviews, follow-up actions, and form filling amount to robust clerical work that takes away significant time from the practice of medicine. Physicians spend up to 3 hours a day performing these tedious tasks that also impair their life balance.


Development Stage

Droxi’s Solution

By streamlining the administrative process, Droxi cuts physician time spent on non-patient-facing tasks in half, freeing up more time for giving care. Through its comprehensive automation, the software does away with searching and clicking between multiple windows to complete the vast amount of EHR tasks for clinicians. Droxi is for every healthcare provider who wants to spend more time treating patients and less time clicking buttons.

Gadi Shenhar

Established and managed the data group at Aidoc Medical that raised $250M in total, worked as a software engineer in Speedata, a Data-Science acceleration startup, and led the intelligence collection done by a 40-soldier department in 8200. An electrical engineer from the Technion.

Raveh Ben Simon

Previously a software engineer in Qualcomm. An electrical engineer from the Technion with honors from the AI domain. Product manager in the intelligence unit 8200. Experienced in leading technological projects.

The Market Opportunity

Currently, health systems lose $127 billion in revenue due to physicians not seeing patients during non-patient-facing hours. Our team has extensive experience of AI innovation in healthcare at Aidoc Medical, GE Healthcare, and Stellar Health. Now, after COVID-19, which significantly increased digital activity in healthcare, the workload of medical staff has increased even more. The need is greater than ever before.

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