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Cytora is a startup regenerative medicine company developing novel stem cell therapies based on a unique patented platform technology of a highly potent stem cell population found in human adult oral mucosa.

The Need

Among patients with diabetes, 15% develop a foot ulcer. The treatments available to date provide solution only to 50% of cases. There is no efficient multifactorial solution for non-closing wounds that may end up with amputation. Cytora aims to operate in this Market.


Development Stage

Cytora’s Solution

In a pre-clinical study, hOMSC administration to wounds of diabetic mouse model (db/db) equalizes the rate of wound closure to the natural rate of wound closure in healthy animals (WT-untreated).

Prof. Sandu Pitaru, VPR and CTO

Full Professor in Oral Biology – Head, Stem Cells Group, Tel Aviv University
7 international patents and 84 publications. Co-founder and inventor of Colbar Life Sciences (Acquired by Johnson and Johnson). Co-founder and inventor of Cytora Ltd. Technologies

Jacob Zankel, CEO

30 years of experience in hi-tech leadership, software and hardware. Serves as active Chairman and Board Member in a number of startup companies. Former President and CEO for Radlan which was acquired by Marvel in 2003. Co-founder of Cytora. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Israel Technology Institute (Technion)

The Market Opportunity

The total number of diabetes patients in the world is estimated at 392 million with an estimated 592 million in 2035. About 15% of them will develop DFU during their lifetime. It is estimated that every 30 seconds a leg is cut as a result of DFU in the world, which has deteriorated to life-threatening. In the US there are 4.4 million DFU patients, with total annual US expenditure on DFU of between $ 9 billion and $ 15 billion per year.

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