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G.O Fund and Incubator

Your Partner for Life Sciences

G.O is a unique medical tech incubator that identifies innovators and early-stage start-ups with disruptive technologies that will shape the future of the Healthcare Industry. G.O fund and Incubator enables start-ups and MedTech entrepreneurs to accelerate R&D, validation, and time to market while helping them grow to meet their potential.

Our main technological focus is

  • Innovative Precision medicine
  • Personalized medical devices
  • Telemedicine
  • Digital Health
  • Medical food
  • Biotechnology

We are open to reviewing any other disruptive medical-related technology or start-up.

G.O is unique on every level!

Unprecedented access to the state-of-the-art clinical trial field

Our strategic partnership with the Ha’emek Medical Center provides the innovators with the exclusive entree to the state-of-the-art clinical trial field, access to one of the largest Electronic Health Records databases in the world, and immediate connection to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) across the Israeli health system.

Backed by the institutions that drive the MedTech innovation

G.O is backed by the well-established and influential partners, such as Clalit Health Services, Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), and for family offices.

Connection to the later-stage venture capital investors

Following the Incubator’s early-stage growth period, the companies are well-positioned to raise additional financing from later-stage venture capital investors.

Changing the face of Israel’s Northern Periphery

G.O drives healthcare innovation to Israel’s Northern Periphery, building the entrepreneurial community and fostering a long-term social change in the region.

Meet our management team

Eyal Aviram


Eyal Aviram is a Top-level cross disciplines Entrepreneurship and Innovation leader with a vast executive experience as a CEO and BD in several companies.
He is serving as a Chairman and Board Member in multidisciplinary companies and a Mentor at a multinational Executive mentorship program.

In recent years, Eyal acted as Project Leader at Pfizer, VP at Mor Research applications & COO at CTZ investment group.
Eyal holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Healthcare Management.

Tal Akrish


Kobi Cohen, Ph.D.

CTO for pharma and biotechnology

Kobi Cohen, Ph.D., CTO for pharma and biotechnology is a life science professional with extensive experience in drug development, project scouting and evaluation. Before joining Galil-Ofek, Kobi held a director position at the Global Innovative R&D at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Kobi was responsible for identifying and pursuing collaboration, licensing and partnership from biotech companies and academic institutions worldwide. Kobi completed his Ph.D. and post doc fellowship at the Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Dr. Janette Lazerovits

Dr. Janette Lazarovits

Head of Bio-convergence

Dr. Lazerovits is

Netta Deutschman


Netta is a punctuate and thorough CFO, holds an MBA in economics & accountings, CPA certificated.

Noa Horwitz


Noa is a Senior Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist

Ilia Maly

Chief Legal Officer

Ilia has been advising in the legal and financial fields since the establishment of the company.

Do you have an out-standing start-up idea?

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